Discover the Thrill of Driving

Let Waylens Horizon easily capture, manage and share all your best moments behind the wheel.

OBD-II & Remote

Pre-paired OBD-II connector and steering wheel remote to provide a seamless Waylens experience.

OLED Display

A circular, 286ppi display extends your dashboard with the most relevant in-time information.

Sensor Suite & Data Overlay

10Hz GPS, 9-axis motion sensor, and car performance data are automatically overlaid on video to tell a more compelling driving story.

Easy Video Editing

Data-driven editing — easily search & select the best moments from hours of driving footage.

You asked for it and we delivered…Introducing the Waylens LapTimer!

Simply mark your starting point and utilizing GPS coordinates, the Waylens Horizon will map and track your lap from start to finish. When you complete a lap, the timer advances to the next lap automatically.

Your latest lap time and best lap times are recorded and viewable on the Waylens camera, mobile app and studio software.

Along with the new lap timer feature are some really cool new gauges. Included are: date & time, your custom lap map, a list of lap records…as well as, live lap time, current best lap, MPH/RPM/throttle, boost and G-Force. Export your lap highlights, and share from the mobile app or Waylens Studio software.

To unlock the Waylens Lap Timer feature, download the latest firmware and software updates…available now!

Revolutionary "Smart Remix"

Intelligently generate a combination of thrilling moments by 3 steps:

1. Select clips

2. Customize duration

3. Generate remixed videos

Waylens Go!

Easily capture and record your vehicle's acceleration performance. Enjoy the excitement of competition and sharing.

Performance Test

Record time cost of your vehicle's 0-30mph/0-60mph acceleration with accuracy up to 0.01s. Auto mode and count-down mode are provided for your preference. All records will be saved and ready for easy sharing.


Users are encouraged to share their performance test results to Waylens community, a customized ranking system has been developed to make it much more fun. It's a great place to make friends and share experience.

Superior Video Quality and Craftsmanship

The Horizon camera is a finely crafted and worthy companion for your drive. With a full aluminum body and 7-element lens assembly combined with a gorgeous circular OLED display, it breaks the rules of traditional boxy action cameras to enhance any car’s interior. Capture high-quality and high-speed video at 1080p/60fps with ease. Hop behind the wheel anytime of day or night thanks to the state-of-the-art CMOS sensor that captures more light —providing sharper, brighter, more effective video.



  • 157 degree wide angle
  • f/2.4 aperture
  • 7 elements aspherical lens of high quality glass
  • Metal Barrel
  • Fixed focus

Advanced Recording

  • Auto start & stop with engine
  • Continuous recording
  • Bookmarking with remote control

Video Recording

  • Advanced H.264 compression and flexible rate control
  • Multiple stream encoding
  • Slo-mo video (720p HD @ 120 fps)
  • Time-lapse video


  • Processing speed: 318M Pixels/second
  • Scenic mode (day time)
  • Night recording mode


  • Optical size 1/1.8”
  • Pixel 2.4 um x 2.4 um
  • Back-illuminated structure
  • High sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
  • HLP (high light performance) mode
  • LLP (low light performance) mode

Advanced Image Processing

  • Motion compensated 3D noise reduction
  • Auto image rotation
  • Black level correction
  • Dynamic and static defect pixel cluster correction
  • Lens shading correction
  • AE and AWB